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Retirements at MTR 2024

Retirements at MTR 2024 This past year was filled with prosperity and transition for MTR. While our company has headed toward one of its best years in MTR history, we simultaneously prepared for the transition to a new management team. Tom Plucknette Jr. and his...

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Box Ways and Linear Ways; Choosing the right option

Box Ways Pros Higher rigidity and damping: Box ways offer superior stiffness and absorb vibrations better than linear ways, especially under heavy loads and during heavy cutting. This is crucial for maintaining accuracy and surface finish, particularly when working...

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The Values of Modernizing an Older Machine Tool

Machine tools of our generation's past have one thing in common, CAST IRON. The advantages to using this material is its stiffness, machinability and its vibration dampening characteristics. Generally speaking, replacing an older machine with a new one isn't an...

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