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From a build, retrofit or the installation of a machine, machine alignment and further electrical or mechanical support, MTR is here for you every step of the way. MTR service technicians can be sent to your facility to repair or remove your machine or the machine components. We are capable of doing in-field corrections to reduce your machines’ down-time.

Shop Services

Electrical Shop Services

Our panel building shop is a dedicated location within our assembly bays with crane service and testing equipment. MTR has the capability to build new panels and operator stations in the panel shop to prepare and simulate your new CNC controls prior to shipment and installation on your machine.

Assembly Shop Services

Our assembly floor consists of over 150,000 square feet of high bay space, heavy duty concrete floors two feet thick and has been renovated with several 60 Ton cranes and modern heating and lighting systems. MTR service technicians are capable of rebuilding and servicing your machine in the field or at our facility. No job is too big or complex for our technicians.

Faro Laser Tracker Service

Faro Laser Tracker service
The FARO Laser Tracker VANTAGE is the newest technology with more precise measuring capabilities that enables MTR to measure machines quicker with more precision than previously possible. We utilize our FARO Tracker to reduce in-field service time and save on machine set-up time to reduce the costs for our customers.

MTR uses its extensive knowledge of real-world measurement applications, to maximize the laser trackers ability to perform the following:

  • Alignments that are accurate and less time-consuming than traditional methods
  • Frequent measurements to show distortions in machine guideways
  • Real-time measurements to confirm tolerances and validates alignments
  • Lay-out and level machines
  • MTR’s Laser Tracker service provides fast accurate surveys and enables us to capture a 3-D measurement quickly and easily, which allows us to see a much larger picture of how a machine really moves.

Renishaw Linear and Rotary Laser Services

The XL80 laser system can measure linear and rotary positioning accuracy and repeatability by comparing the position given on a machine’s control display with the true position measured by the laser. These values can then be viewed, printed and statistically analyzed by the system’s software to national and international standards. In this way, the machine’s positioning accuracy can be verified and significantly improved, quickly and easily. MTR can utilize these systems to compensate the machine axis for more precise linear and rotary accuracies.
Rotary Laser Services at Machine Tools Research, Inc.

Services Offered by MTR

When MTR began this business in 1982, we exclusively did service and repair work. Our customers were so pleased with our services that they began contracting with us to be their annual maintenance teams, shutdown crews, weekend repair crews, and more. Today we continue to support these efforts. We service almost every type of machine tool make and model. We specialize in larger machines and have the tooling and instrumentation to fix some of the world’s largest machine tools.


Thorough machine analysis is the key to a good repair job—and MTR is the company to do it. Our team of engineers and application sales engineers can estimate what it will take to get your machine tool running properly. So, before your machine tool becomes a large paperweight on the shop floor, let MTR look it over and find a way to help.

Laser Calibration

When was the last time you checked the alignment of your machines? Have you noticed the machinist is having a tough time holding tolerances? Maybe it’s time you have MTR realign your machinery, or at least inspect it. With our high-tech laser calibration unit, an MTR technician can come in and inspect your machine and make any adjustments necessary to get your machine back to OEM specifications.

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When recalibration and machine alignments are just not enough for your high mileage machine, it’s time to think about scraping. Scraping is a long-lived process by which you remove very small amounts of material to achieve true flat surfaces. This is primarily done to way surfaces that have become worn due to overuse or age. Scraping and realignment can get your machine back to OEM specifications. The lost art of scraping is a great way to bring your machine ways back to original or better condition. Scraping is a means of correcting wear from a surface that is not a hardened way, hardened ways can typically be removed and ground.

Emergency Repairs

Your new machinist just crashed your multi-million-dollar machine and you’ve got deadlines to meet. MTR, with its staff of trained technicians can be on site quickly, sometimes in a matter of hours. We, at MTR, have encountered numerous crashes and can resolve the crash without cutting corners to repair your machine. So, just because it looks bad doesn’t mean we can’t fix it.

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