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More Than Catalog Machine Parts

Machine Tool Research, Inc. has designed, built, serviced, installed and tested thousands of machine tool components. We have the capabilities to design and fabricate machine tool parts for any make or model machine. Our engineering department will reverse engineer your machines components and replace them with OEM style parts or replace the parts damaged with more robust parts. Once the parts have been designed, our fabricators will begin producing your part and if any assembly work is required, we are certainly capable of sending out our technicians to install the new parts.

MTR Can Produce Parts from Our Lines and Partnerships

Our machine tool lines parts can be produced from our parts drawings without a required engineering visit. We have the drawings for many Farrel, Betts and Seller machine tools at our facility in Rochester, NY.

MTR doesn’t just provide machine tool mechanical parts; we can provide parts from our partners as well as brands preferred by our customers. We may also offer to quote you for an electrical retrofit in the event your machine’s control is no longer available and unsupported by the OEM of the control.

OEM Parts For:


  • Shaft Lathes
  • Roll Lathes
  • Vertical Turning Lathes
  • Vertical Boring Mills
  • Trepanning Lathes


  • Lathes
  • Vertical Boring Mills


  • Vertical Boring Mills
  • Planer Mills
  • Drill Grinders

Used Equipment Ebay Shop

MTR overstock and used equipment available from our Ebay store

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