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Machine Tool Research, Inc. has several mechanical and controls engineers at our facility in Rochester, NY. Our mechanical engineers have the capabilities of designing machine tools from scratch, redesigning parts, designing retrofit components and running several types of analysis. MTR engineers can run finite element analysis (FEA) of machine components to determine rigidity and machine stability, calculate tool loads and machine forces and investigate steady rest capacities.

Hydrostatic, lubrication and coolant systems are also designed and integrated by our mechanical engineers. Our controls engineers have the ability to design and integrate new controls systems, supply electrical components, complete linear and rotational compensation, tuning axes and integrating anti-backlash drives.


Controls engineering by Machine Tools Research, Inc.

Controls Engineering

At MTR, our controls engineering department utilizes the latest version of AutoCAD to
integrate new CNC/PLC controls on new and vintage machine tools. Our complete engineered packages include schematics, software and commissioning of your machine tool. We also offer qualified service technicians to troubleshoot and repair your existing machine tool. Services include but are not limited to tuning axes, spindles, integration of new scales and encoders, modifying ladder logic, integrating new tool changers, adding macro programs and implementing custom screens. MTR has a panel building shop in-house and our engineering department works directly with technicians during the build process and testing phases. MTR is a certified Fanuc Systems integrator and a Siemens Solutions Partner. MTR is partnered with Heidenhain as a distributor in the North Eastern United States area; we integrate linear scales and rotary encoders from Heidenhain and completely support the parts and service of these measuring systems. Our controls engineering staff has decades of experience to retrofit your machine with a new control to make your production more efficient and reliable.

Mechanical engineering by Machine Tools Research, Inc.

Mechanical Engineering

MTR employs mechanical engineers that utilize the latest versions of AutoCAD and 3D modeling software to design and procure parts. Our engineering staff is capable of designing new machine tools and reverse engineering vintage machines to reproduce damaged and/or obsolete parts for your machine. Retrofitting machines with new devices that make your machine capable for your product line is a welcomed challenge for our engineering staff.

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