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Our Historical Machine Lines and Exceptional Partnerships

Machine Tool Research, Inc. (MTR) descends from the historical Farrel Corporation, providing service to domestic and international large machining industries. We pride ourselves in our customer service and response to machine tool emergencies. We have the drawings and machine information for Farrel, Betts and Sellers machine tool lines. We aren’t limited to just our machine lines though; we service and rebuild all makes and models of machines bringing Old Iron to New Glory. MTR is also a great source for custom machine tools suited to your industry’s rigorous requirements.
MTR has strong partnerships with Heidenhain, Fanuc and Siemens, providing service, parts and support with our knowledgeable controls engineering staff. Partnering with these big-name brands provides our customers with reputable and sustainable parts in conjunction with our experienced technicians and engineers.
Commercial machine tool

Our OEM Machine
Tool Lines

MTR is the premier builder and rebuilder of large machine tools. As the OEM for Farrel, Betts and Sellers machine tools, MTR’s industry leading standards translate across many makes, models and types of machine tools.
Industrial machines

Farrel Corporation
(Machine Tool Division)

Established in 1848, Farrel Corporation manufactured some of the world’s largest lathes and vertical boring mills. Unfortunately, their machine tool line ended in 1983 giving MTR the opportunity to purchase the rights to the machine tool line. MTR has the following machine tool line OEM prints:


  • Shaft and Roll Lathes
  • Vertical Turning Lathes & Boring Mills
  • Trepanning Lathes


Established in 1861, Betts Machine Works was known for their reliable and robust lathe and vertical boring mill lines. Betts was acquired by Consolidated Machine Tool Corporation in 1922 and absorbed by the Farrel Corporation in 1951. MTR acquired the OEM prints in 1983 for the following machine tool lines:


  • Vertical Turning Lathes & Boring Mills
  • Shaft and Roll Lathes
Betts Machine Works
Sellers' drill grinder machine


William Sellers Company was established in 1848 and acquired by Consolidated Machine Tool Corporation in 1947. Sellers machine tool lines consisted of vertical boring and turning mills, drill and tool grinders, and many more. MTR acquired the following OEM machine tool lines:


  • Drill grinders
  • Horizontal Boring Mills

Machine Tool Research

Machine Tool Research, Inc. (MTR) was founded in 1982 after the historic Farrel Corporation closed its doors. MTR was created by former Farrel Corporation employees who wanted to continue to support US industry by working on large machine tools. MTR obtained the rights to the Farrel, Betts and Sellers lines of machine tools shortly after opening. The former Farrel facility, in Rochester, NY, is MTR’s current home.

MTR offers complete machine builds and rebuilds, mechanical and electrical retrofits and service. We have the capabilities of creating and modernizing your machine tools to meet your industries requirements, no job is too large for us. MTR has built several custom machines, utilizing our in-house engineering staff, machine shop, and our experienced mechanical and electrical technicians.

MTR can provide parts for any make or model machine by providing our engineering staff to design or redesign parts broken on your machine. This may be a feasible option when your vintage machine OEM is no longer in business or difficult to get to your facility in a timely fashion.

Machine Tool Research, Inc. facility in Rochester, NY

Our Strong Partnerships

MTR has had decades of reliable support and robust products from our partners. We continue to support and supply the following brands along with any customer specified products:

Fanuc CNC system by Machine Tools Research

Fanuc CNC Systems

FANUC CNC controls are known for their rock-solid reliability and unbeatable performance. They have controls to meet all machining needs, from highly complex 5-axis applications to running precision ancillary equipment. Fanuc is the leading global manufacturer of factory automation, with more than 60 years’ experience in development of computer numerical control equipment. Fanuc has more than 4 million CNC controls installed worldwide and satisfied customers in every corner of the globe. Let MTR install or retrofit your current machine with a Fanuc CNC control. MTR can provide parts and service for your Fanuc system with our in-house controls engineers and electrical technicians.

Siemens CNC System

Siemens CNC Systems

As a long-time partner to the machine tool industry, Siemens Machine Tool Systems are in the position to address the needs of companies that are operating CNC machines. Based on the many years of outstanding industry expertise, SINUMERIK controls can always provide the ideal solution for cost-effective manufacturing. Siemens Machine Tool Systems is a technology leader in the American machine tool market. The development of innovative, cutting edge solutions is a given for Siemens. Have a machine tool ready for an upgrade or retrofit? Contact us at MTR to integrate a Siemens SINUMERIK control. MTR is a Siemens Solution Partner giving us quick assistance and competitive product pricing. MTR can provide parts and service for your Siemens CNC control system.

Heidenhain scales and controls

Heidenhain Scales and Controls

Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH develops and produces linear encoders, angle encoders, rotary encoders, CNC controls, and digital readouts for machines, automation systems, and metrology applications. Rounding out the portfolio are length gauges, signal converters, touch probes, and testing devices. With MTR being a distributor of these devices gives us an advantage to integrating it with our machine system controls during the design phase. Heidenhain is a renowned manufacturer of linear and rotary encoders, and has been for well over a century. MTR offers this exceptional quality with our machine builds and can provide parts and service with these encoders. Heidenhain also offers CNC control systems, MTR may certainly quote this system upon request.

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